Recording Dashboard

This is the main page in Recording Express. There’s a lot here, but it is broken into four sections. 


Packages to be recorded (Upper left-hand corner) is where packages are created

Packages being reviewed by the recording desk (Lower left-hand corner) is the next stop for packages.

After passing your quality control the package is moved to the Packages being processed by the recorder section (Upper Right-hand corner). Here the county will review and either approve or reject and return your package back to the Packages to be recorded section.

If your package was accepted it will move to the Packages recorded (Lower right-hand corner)


Refresh Settings:

Recording Express has an automatic refresh function with an interval slider, check the box if you want it enabled, uncheck if you do not.

Note: if you leave it unchecked you may have to manually refresh to see package status updates.


View Notification Contact List opens a list of every contact your company has used.

Note: Contacts cannot be removed from this list, but existing contacts can be edited. If you find that a contact has accidentally been entered twice, you can edit one of them to another valid contact you’d like to add to the list.