1.Enabled: This toggle will disable the user account from being able to log into or use Recording Express.

2.Administrator: This toggle will enable the user account from being able to access the Administration tab of Recording Express.

3.Submitter: This toggle enables the user account to access the recording desk role within Recording Express.

4.Save Changes: After changing any number of toggles for user accounts the changes must be saved to apply.

5.Create New User: Opens the Create New User window, at minimum to create a new user account they will need a unique login name, an email address and a password. The password requirements are between 8 and 20 characters, at least one of those being a letter and a number. No special characters or spaces are permitted.

6.Edit User Information: After selecting a user account you may edit their details and reset their password here.

7.Companies & Recorders: This opens up the utility where users can be added to different counties, companies, and units. It is dependent on your own access what you will be able to add users to here. See Companies & Recorders for details.

8.User Search: This will allow you to search via Username or Full Name. From this page you can also copy users permissions to and from the searched user. See User Search for details.

9.Remove: Deletes selected user from Recording Express.